Monday, November 5, 2012

October Treats . . . and Another Wreath

I had so much fun making the last wreath, I decided to do it again for Thanksgiving!  This was really simple: no sewing or gluing, just lots of cutting (fabric) and tying around a wire wreath.  I thought this design would be nicer for Thanksgiving. Guys, I'm sorry.  This could get old.  Cause you know I'm planning to do one of these for every major holiday. 
 Rating: 5 Smileys.
I actually had to go back and buy more fabric.  I think I ended up using close to 4 yds. (for an 18 in., 4 layer wreath).  Wow.

Another diaper cake for my friend's baby girl, Daphne May.  She's two days old today.
Rating: 3.5 smileys.
I love the ribbon on this, but I didn't love the flower I crocheted.  It was a new pattern, and I think it was a strikeout.  :/  

Also, I may be retiring the diaper cakes, unless someone requests one.  No one seems to dig them as much as me and I'm getting a little tired of my husband poking fun at them.

This headband was for Johanna Taggart's little baby, Molly, due next week.  This was my first time doing a rose and I LOVE the colors and I LOVE the way it turned out.
Rating: 5 smileys

I put it together as part of my baby bath basket I was FINALLY able to give away.  I have been hanging onto this idea (and the basket contents) for some time.  Nice to finally give one away!  

My friend mentioned at Johanna's shower that she'd like me to make a flower headband for her baby girl (Evelyn Darton) for their Christmas photos.  I was excited to surprise her and brought it to church the next day.  It was a perfect match!  LUCKY guess!

Rating: End result: 5 smileys.
I mean, look at who it's on! 
Process: 1 smiley
This initially was also a failed new pattern, but I worked on it and modified it (way too long, really) until I ended up with a winner.  I am the same way with crochet patterns as I am with dinner recipes: I like to try new stuff all the time, especially when I'm making it for someone else.  I now have several different flower pattern options that I like, so maybe I'll just experiment within those next time, to spare my wrists.

I already posted about these booties, but since my friend Glo was sweet enough to send a picture of little Jack in them, I'm sharing it.  This is the first picture I have of any baby in a pair of booties I made, so I'm thrilled that they actually fit.  Woo hoo!

Okay, this one's a biggie.  This is a pair of pajamas for my son.  That I made.  As in--sewed myself.  My friend Anna Crowe is quite the seamstress and she was all too eager to help me do this, so I was eager to learn.  She made the button holes and cut most of the pieces, and held my hand at every single step, but otherwise it was all me! ;)

Isn't he a handsome devil?
Rating: 4 smileys
The pants could use a bit more length (I think a border of that skeleton material at the bottom would've been cute.  And there were little mistakes, but overall, it's wearable.  Huge win!

This is Jasper wearing the top as a jacket (cause really that's kind of how it turned out) on Halloween day.  He looks so stylish to me here.  I love it!

So, this skirt I made a couple of months ago, (I had the material on hand) when I spotted and fell in love with Jasper's costume and decided to go as Minnie Mouse.  From here it looks great, but trust me, it's best used as a costume.    

So this is the big one: I MADE THOSE PANTS JAKE IS WEARING--
With some encouragement from Anna, I bit the bullet.  I went to Joann's, bought the fabric, pattern, and thread, modified the pattern (since it was a pattern for women's pajama capri pants), cut the pattern and sewed it ALL BY MYSELF.  I called Anna just one time for help, and that was it!  And I did it in one day!  (I told Jake to stand like this because I wanted him to show off the buttons.  He thinks he looks ridiculous in this picture.  I think he's cute.)

Mickey Mouse family with homemade skirt and pants:
Rating: 10 smileys!!!
I know it's only out of 5, but seriously, this one is going front page of my record book.  I am so stinkin' proud of those pants.  I did it!

And with that, I'll leave you with one more shot of the wreath.  You know, it's even better in person . . .

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Wreath

Look at this wreath!  Do I look like I'm proud of it?  Cause, well, I am.  No humility here.  I'm just starting to really catch the crafty bug--which I never thought I would, and which I never thought I'd like.  But lo and behold, both are true!

I found THIS on Pinterest, and decided to try it out for myself.

I cut.

I sewed.

I hot glued.  (A necessary skill if you're gonna get crafty, which I finally submitted to.  Bought a glue gun.  And some glue sticks.  The whole craft world has opened up to me now with my new skill!  There are all kinds of things that need fixing, I can fix now!  And it only put me out about $5!)

Time for more hot glue and . . .

Looks so nice on the door next to our new porch light, too!  So homey! (And such an upgrade!)


Bonus: I "made"--as in assembled--this, too.  My super creative sister-in-law Meg designed this cute print out.  So I printed it, framed it in ribbon and this black frame--all I had on hand.  Free and darling!  Awesome.  Loving me some holiday decorating!

Tie High

Guys!  I MADE TIES!!!!  
I found this little tutorial online HERE and after a couple of months, worked up the gumption to try it.  I started the project at 10 PM, made the blue one first, finishing after midnight, made a few mistakes, then woke up the next morning and immediately made the red one: in half the time, no mistakes.  Woo hoo!

I was cursing the first tie, but the second one was pure joy.  The neck strap was way too long at 20" (it fit me!), so for the second tie, I trimmed it down to 16" or so. And just LOOK at that baby in it!  AGH!!!  Guys, I'm like, totally learning to sew!  For real!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crochet Catch-Up

Here's a trip down crochet memory lane where I'm sharing all the projects to date that I have pictures of.  I've given most of these things away, so pictures are all I have.

Christmas 2008: Rob's Afghan
I made this shortly (within a few months) of learning to crochet and it was a doozy!  I actually developed carpel tunnel from crocheting too long and frequently, and even now I still have to take my crocheting (and typing, and piano playing, and cell phone operating) in small doses.  I made this in record time: about 6 weeks.  Again, I don't recommend it--got a little too excited about my new hobby.  But isn't this a beauty?!  This was Rob's gift for our homemade Christmas and I absolutely loved it.  When I get a chance visiting his place, I still sneak in and snuggle it.

Jake took a picture during the process.  Aren't those rows pretty?

Here's Waldo, I mean, Rob, on Christmas Day with his new gift.

So, I haven't made many blankets since then, but I have made lots of hats.  This is my niece McKenna in hers from Christmas 2009

She and her sister, Chantelle, both got one.

This is a matching mommy and baby hat set I made for my best friend, Aileena and her little Audrey.

Baby boy booties.  These are quick and easy and adorable.  Can't remember who I gave these to.  HO

These two hats I made for friends in LA:  Hilary Peterson's daughter, Evelyn, and Rachel Sweirenga's daughter, Summer, both born within a month of each other.  

These I made for Lewis Shoemaker, my cousin, Faith's, boy.

These booties are one of my favorites (I had A TON of this yarn, if you can't tell.)  These were for Anna Crowe's little girl, Naomi.

Christmas hats for nieces Jacie and Cameron. This is the last of this yarn, I promise.

This is one of my favorite hats ever.  I made this for baby Bridget Snow in our ward.  This was my first time doing double-layer flowers and holy moly do I love them!

And finally, a few little crochet projects for MY baby!  Yay!  Here was his first hat.  I made this for him after he was born so I could size it right.  He's about 5 days old in these pictures.  

(His very first Sunday ever)  Awwwww...

Jake's idea to do the brim.  Made it much more manly.  Good call, Jake.

This is Jasper at Christmas (in Santa Barbara) 2011.  Again, the gray brim was Jake's idea.  He has great taste.

And isn't that the sweetest face ever??!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Odds and Ends

So nice to just get little projects done--the ones that bubble up in your mind at night when you're trying to go to sleep and hang out on your to-do list til you just can't stand to see them there anymore and it's finally enough motivation to actually get them done--yeah, those ones.

Like, FINISHING THE NURSERY...for your toddler.  Whatever, it's done!  Over the summer I spray-painted these letters and topped them off with round sticker labels for the polka dot effect.  After several repeat letter purchases and at least a dozen trips to Michael's, it was finally done.  I haven't ventured into the world of spray paint since, but I am really happy with how the letters, and the remainder of the nursery completion, turned out.  Maybe I'll get brave enough to hop back on the horse soon.  Paint really can work wonders.

It took me a full year, but I finally found an orange clock in my price point.  I love this little spot.


Ikea spice racks turned bookshelves.  Really inexpensive and they're so versatile.  I could probably find use for A LOT of these.  I love that I don't even have to get out of the chair for them.  Probably first and last thing I will ever assemble myself from Ikea.

Happy Meter: 
Letters: 4 smileys 
5 for the end result, 3 for the hassle: scored averaged

Bookshelves: 5 smileys  
Pleasant experience start to finish

Overall Nursery: 5 smileys   
Completed just in time for us to either move or have another baby, such is my life


A place for the hats and a place for the belts, that isn't the floor.  Hurrah!

A place for my necklaces.  These corkboards were already here in this spot when we moved in, so I just repurposed them.  I love having my necklaces in plain sight by my clothes so I can test pair them with my outfits.  Not one of my strong suits: necklace pairing.

I will use every ounce of space you give me.  I will make good on a tiny closet, I will.

Happy Meter:
5 Smileys: 
Minimal effort, maximum efficiency, $0 spent


Another project that took nearly a year, I worked on it like crazy during my pregnancy, and then didn't use it much when the baby was little.  I was nervous about blocking it and I had to fix some of the edging, yadda yadda.  Well anyway, it's done.  I finished it all the loose bits in an evening and now it's complete!

 And I'm still too nervous to really use it!  Of course, Jasper's not much into blankets these days anyway.  Nice to catch him with it while he's asleep . . .

Happy Meter: 
4.5 Smileys
I just hope it'll hold up to my spirited little guy...
*Seeing my baby in a blanket I crocheted for him: 1,000 smileys*


So these may not be everybody's thing, but I happen to love them to help decorate baby showers, and they're really fun to make.  (Actually I don't much like the diaper rolling part, but I do really love the decorating.)  Since this friend was having a girl, and I stumbled upon these really adorable, affordable baby headbands, I thought I'd attach a crochet flower and use it as part of the cake decor.

And then I found this darling, super soft teddy bear while I was shopping for the flowers, so...
TA DA!  I've made three cakes and this was my favorite.  I love the usable decorations.  Makes me wish the flowers were made out of chocolate or something.

Happy Meter: 
5 Smileys
For the crochet headband and the whole cake.  I would've kept it a little while longer even, I liked looking at it that much.  Baby girl should be arriving any day now...